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The course is taught by Dr. Allen Bedford and Dr. Eugene Potapov.

Scientific project: near coast reef mapping

Picture below shows an image taken before hurricane Ivan. I have geo-referenced it using smimming pools as anchor points. Look at the coastal line and the reef in front of the beach.
Yellow line is the transcect across the dying reef. The coral imagegy taken underwater is stored for future mapping. Point 009 is a high-res image of a surviving reef structure. The Google-Earth files can be downloaded here and here.

Class with Feo Pitcairn, 04-28-09


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Feo Pitcairn Studio

Bio 140 class on 04-28-09

Feodor Pitcairn Productions, Ltd website is here

Lab sessions at the Cayman Islands

Night dive on June, 14, 2009

Royal dive on June, 15, 2009

Special thanks

The lab sessions were run by Dr. T. Byrnes of the Cayman Marine Labs.

Shore diving supplies were coming from "Divers Supply, Georgetown. Special thanks to Hamza Sevgi.

Special thanks to volunteers of the Blue Iguana Project John Marotta and Doug Bell.

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