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Laura Thor Antlered Thor Antlered Solomon William Devon Aven Click for Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania Forecast
I have modestly invented a fully automated service "Mail-2-Map" based entirely on free web services. It reads coordinates sent by a collar, and displays it on the map below.
The map refreshes itself on regular basis. Originally it was designed for Thor, the first in the world deer-geoblogger. Later it was Solomon, a young buck. Then it is William, a young buck, then Gavin, also a young buck,then it was Devon, a beta male, then it was Dylan, also beta male, then it was Aven, and adult alpha female which gave birth to 2 nice fawns while mapping herself; then it was Carina J. Bond, BAC-007, then it is Daniel 1890/BAC-011, then there were two on the air: Brennan and Wes, young bucks, then it was Odin, a great buck, then it was JamesII, a young buck, now it is Brennan, captured again, then it was Sophie, and now we have Ursula and Jaelyn, and then it is Sophie again and Kiana, and then it was Tommy, a young buck, then it was Alfie, and Harry, a button buck,then it was Trevor, a young buck, and Selena, a young female, then it is Anna-Lisa, a nice doe, then Lucy, a small female, and then Joey, a nice buck.

The map was aimed to show locations of Anna-Lisa, three other tracked animals have 'store-on-board' gps units. Unfortunately "new" version of the Google-spreadsheets we were forced by the mighty company are not capable of making dynamic kml files. Besides, the Google-Earth plugin which you see below will stop working in December 2015. We work on the solution to stop dependecny on the Google/Alphabet.

Last refreshed

Near real-time data

You would need a Google-Earth plugin to see the dynamic map.

How this map is pulling the data? Step by step instructions are here: ,E.Potapov, V. Hronusov 2012. Extreme dynamic mapping: Animals map themselves on the 'Cloud'. ,In: "Whitmeyer, S.J., Bailey, J.E., De Paor, D.G., and Ornduff, T., eds., Google Earth and Virtual Visualizations in Geoscience Education and Research: Geological Society of America Special Paper 492": 139-145. doi:10.1130/2012.2492(10).

Canadian Broadcast Corporation was so impressed with the method of relaying the coordinates via Google's Cloud, so it decided to interview the coder.

Videos are here

Check the project web page for details.

How dark it is during the night?

Current weather recorded by the Bryn Athyn College weather station

Radar loop

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Image below is the view of the night skies from the latest fix of the deer.

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